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    Hi there! Here are the train timings at {{ stnName }} Station.

    Updated on: {{ dateTime(details.datetime) }}

  • Uh-oh! It seems like an error has occured 😭

    Humans make mistakes, trains break down, and applications fail sometimes.

  • This error could be due to a couple of reasons:

    • The API we pull the timings from might be down.
    • The Official SMRT API might be down.
    • Your internet connection might be down.
    • Godzilla has invaded.
  • Do let us know (or tweet me @mrttan_sg), and we will try to get this fixed as soon as possible! 😇

  • Oh hi there! I don't really talk much about myself.. given I'm really only code. 🤖

  • MRT-tan is a Vue JS application that tells you how long you need to wait till the train arrives at your station.

  • The arrival times are pulled using MRTAPI, an API for Singapore’s MRT System.

    Currently, only SMRT trains and train stations are supported. Newer lines such as the Downtown Line stations & North East Line stations are not included.

  • This app is created by Jacob Tan, and you can find him at jacobtan.co or follow him on twitter.

    Made with 💖 at Minitheory.

  • If you like to support this app, and help with server costs, you can either donate via Paypal or Bitcoins.

    Support local! 😊